Company Information

BEMA Electronics is a premier provider of electronics manufacturing services offering our customers the most advanced techniques in surface mount technology, ball-grid array placement, full systems integration and through-hole printed circuit board assembly. Our total manufacturing services cover prototype to production, from low to high-volume, allowing our customers the flexibility to respond to the rapid and ever-changing market.

Our company was established to fill an unmet need for small to mid-sized established and emerging leaders in the communications, broadcasting, fiber optics, medical, defense & aerospace, industrial & semiconductor, and automotive sectors. We provide outstanding systems for managing costs, quality and materials to assist our valued customers in making informed, strategic decisions.

We pride ourselves in being first and foremost a service company. Our mission is to develop long-term relationships to a diverse customer base, across a wide spectrum of industries, through offering the highest product quality, flexibility, responsiveness, and unprecedented customer satisfaction.

Company Values

To ensure our continued success, our company is committed to the following values and principles, which govern everything we do.

  •  Customer satisfaction - our top priority

    Our customers are our most valuable assets and at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to customer service is unwavering and backed-up with an organizational structure and culture that is totally customer-oriented. We bring together teams of business unit managers, planners, buyers and representatives from key areas to support the individual needs of every customer at every stage of the process.

  •  Maximizing technology to enhance value

    In this rapid and ever-changing market, maintaining a competitive advantage involves remaining at the leading edge of technology. We continually review, evaluate and implement manufacturing technologies to improve production quality and efficiency, ultimately creating value for our customers.

  •  Development of an infrastructure that is customer-focused

    We have assembled a team of dedicated personnel who have extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing, productions, and materials purchasing. They are dedicated to supporting, promoting and meeting our customers' business goals and objectives.

Our team of employees at BEMA Electronics share in the company's objectives and is directed by a friendly management team who are experienced and committed to their field of expertise.